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“Women’s health needs to be front and center – it often isn’t, but it needs to be.”
– Cynthia Nixon

Attending a specialty women’s connections program ensures that your health is front and center. In 2022, 51% of the people treated for a mental health condition in Texas were women. At SUN Behavioral Health Houston, we solve unmet needs in our community. Specifically, we provide a specialty women’s unit that allows women to heal from mental health and substance use disorders in a supportive and caring environment.

Who We Treat: Women

Women are diverse and come from many different backgrounds that influence their needs when it comes to treatment. For some women, their needs may be similar to the needs of men in treatment, but for many women, they can differ. Women may be more likely to experience economic concerns or feelings of shame or embarrassment. Additionally, some women may have a history of sexual assault, which may result in hesitancy when attending co-ed treatment. When attending a specialized treatment program, these needs can be more easily met. 

Women’s Treatment: Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

Substance use disorders occur when someone has been consuming a substance, such as opioids, alcohol, or cocaine, and it is impacting their physical and psychological lives and their relationships. In 2020, 17.2 million women in the United States had a substance use disorder.

Mental health disorders are conditions that impact someone’s emotional, social, and psychological well-being. In the United States, 33.6 million women had a mental health disorder in 2020.  In the same year, 9.5 million women had both substance use and mental health disorders in the United States. Receiving treatment for both disorders in a specialized program can allow women to engage in and embrace their recovery fully.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, women develop substance use disorders faster than men. They may also experience different symptoms despite having the same disorder. 

Women also have more relationship, family, and community expectations than men when it comes to receiving treatment, which results in women having different needs. However, many times, mixed-gender treatment programs only focus on the needs of men. When this happens, women may feel like they can’t relate to their treatment and thus do not find any benefit from the services offered. 

However, when women attend a specialized program, such as ours, they can connect with other women with similar needs and experiences. They will receive treatment focusing on putting their health at the center of recovery. 

How We Treat: Women’s Connections Program

At SUN Behavioral Health Houston, we provide inpatient mental health and substance use disorder treatment designed with women in mind. Our women’s connections program ensures that you or your female loved one receives the appropriate care needed in an environment that promotes safety and healing. 

In order to give every woman the right to feel safe, we keep highly disruptive patients off the unit. The atmosphere of the unit is calm, soft-spoken, and peaceful, with a focus on depression and general mental health. To ensure these conditions are met, we do in-house and in-person assessments to guarantee proper placement. Our doctor, who runs the unit, completes these assessments. She will consider your current condition, needs, and previous treatment experience. 

You will be surrounded by women in circumstances similar to yours, forming meaningful connections and conversations. When you participate in our specialty program, you will build an unbreakable foundation for your healing and recovery. The skills and techniques you learn at SUN Behavioral Health Houston are not just tools – they are the keys to your empowerment. As you progress in treatment, you will see these keys unlocking new doors of resilience within you.

sun houston specialty womens unit

Is the Women’s Unit Right For Me?

Women who attend this program come from various backgrounds. Some of them have experienced sexual assault, trafficking, or domestic violence, while others are experiencing trauma or a depression disorder, such as postpartum depression. They are all able to find benefits and healing through our program. 

Our unit is also led by a female psychiatrist who specializes in OBGYN. While other women-only units exist in Houston, SUN Behavioral Health Houston is the only one that is entirely female-led. Having a female-led unit allows many to heal quicker because they feel more comfortable around other women, which may not be the case if they attended a male-led women’s program. 

Because our psychiatrist is also an OBGYN, we also accept pregnant women at our facility. We are the only treatment location in the area that offers this service. Our doctor can assess and intake women at any stage of pregnancy. However, this is always on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.   

sun behavioral health houston specialty womens unit


Is the Women’s Unit Right For Me?

There are many benefits to participating in a women’s program over a general population program. Below are a few of those benefits:

  1. Safety and comfort: Many women come to treatment feeling unsafe or vulnerable, and they might feel uncomfortable around men for various reasons. However, they may feel more comfortable around women who have experienced similar things. A woman’s program allows women to find safety and comfort in the early stages of their recovery. 
  2. Gender-specific concerns: Men and women often have different motivations, barriers, and support needs. General population programs are only sometimes able to address those things, and some may only focus on the motivations and needs of men. However, a women’s program can consider your unique priorities, interests, and experiences that are unique to being a woman. Considering these aspects, you remain at the center of your recovery.
  3. Empowerment and solidarity: When women surround themselves with other women, they can discuss topics they might not be comfortable discussing with men. Being around other women who can relate to you and lift you up in support can give you a sense of empowerment and solidarity, making recovery easier. 
  4. Tailored treatment approaches: Women can also have different cultural backgrounds than men. They can have different values, experiences, gender expression, and world views, and having treatment approaches that respect those values can increase their chances of success in recovery. Women’s programs can provide techniques that specifically address these factors.
  5. Reduced stigma: A woman’s program can also reduce stigma. When only women surround you, it can allow you to know that you are not the only woman who is experiencing substance use or mental health disorders. You will be in an environment that will not judge you for being a woman who needs help, and you will find others who understand and accept what you are going through.  

Specialty Women’s Unit In Houston

SUN Behavioral Health Houston solves unmet needs in Houston, TX. We provide co-occurring treatment for individuals with multiple disorders, which means we can simultaneously help you heal various conditions. This approach reduces the risk of complications during the recovery process. To learn more about our women's services, contact us at 713-796-2273 today. 


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