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Has anger become a regular, concerned conversation in your relationships? 

You are not alone. A 2016 study found that 7.8% of people in the United States have concerns about controlling their anger. At SUN Behavioral Health Houston, we solve unmet needs and understand the importance of anger management therapy for people and their relationships. Our no-cost care assessment allows people to meet with a representative to determine the best care plan for their needs before starting anger management therapy. We are here to help you, and we will work with you and your doctor as we consider your assessments to determine the best action plan for your unique needs.  

What We Treat: Anger Management

Anger is a healthy emotion. People naturally feel anger, but sometimes, it can become a concern. When it occurs intensely, it can harm relationships, schooling, and work. Anger management therapy can help people learn healthy techniques to express and control anger. 

How We Treat Anger Management at SUN Behavioral Health Houston

Our mental health services at SUN Behavioral Health Houston provide anger management therapy, including inpatient and outpatient programming.

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Inpatient at SUN Behavioral Health Houston

Our inpatient programming is available to children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics. Our facility also includes a specialty women’s unit that creates a healing and caring environment for women who seek gender-specific treatment. People typically attend our inpatient services for 7-14 days. 


Outpatient at SUN Behavioral Health Houston

Our outpatient programming involves partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) programming. Our adult PHP and IOP have two groups that focus on mental health and co-occurring disorders, while our adolescent PHP and IOP only focus on mental health. In the evenings, adolescents have the option to attend PHP and IOP either in person or virtually. Evening PHP and IOP work well for adolescents who have school during the day. 

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Anger Management Therapies

Several types of anger management therapies exist. 


Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy can help people examine where their anger comes from and how they can respond healthily. It can also help people identify unhealthy patterns in their anger.  

Group Therapy

When people receive group therapy during anger management, they can connect with individuals who are in similar positions as themselves, which can help them feel like they are not alone in their anger. Because they feel like they are understood, it can reduce feelings of anger. Group therapy also provides a supportive environment where peers can encourage each other along the anger management journey. 

Knowing if Anger Management Is Right for You

People who may be more prone to anger might benefit from attending anger management therapy. Some reasons someone might need anger management include:

  • Threatening others when they are angry
  • Becoming violent when angry
  • Breaking things when angry
  • Having arguments that spin out of control
  • Having been arrested due to anger

Anger Management Therapy Can Help You

Anger management therapy can help people learn to express their anger healthily and respect others. By attending an anger management therapy program, you will receive help when it comes to 

  • Paying attention to your triggers involving anger
  • Changing your thought patterns
  • Finding ways to relax
  • Taking time to calm your anger
  • Working to solve concerns in your daily life
  • Learning how to communicate your emotions to other people

Benefits of Anger Management Therapy in Houston, TX

People who receive anger management therapy feel more in control of their emotions. They also improve their relationships with others and may find it easier to sleep. 

Find Treatment for PTSD at SUN Behavioral Health Houston

Located in Houston, TX, SUN Behavioral Health Houston solves unmet needs. Sometimes, anger can be associated with other disorders, and addressing both at the same time can facilitate recovery. For more information, call us at 713-796-2273


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